India- Latin America, an alliance for the future


Author: Soraya Caro, Director of Cesicam.

“India- Latin America, an alliance for the future”  talks about better understanding of the mutual realities of these two regions, which are crucial in the achievement of constructing a higher quality economic relationship–balanced, diverse, inclusive and long lasting. It includes particular case studies which do not involve just simple transaction of natural resources but building of global value chains, inducing the two economies to practice a balanced inter-dependency.

 Academic journal ZERO



Academic journal Zero, First semester 2014. Edition 32

Especial Imagomundi:
India- América Latina
integración en la diferencia

Academic journal Oasis



Academic journal Oasis, 2012 No 17

Cadenas internacionales de valor: alternativa para la integración profunda de América Latina con India. Soraya Caro